Getting Around Skiathos Island is Easy and Great Fun

Skiathos Island is often described as lively but not rowdy and there are a number of spots, including some of the 64 beautiful beaches, which are quiet and more remote. Getting around is dependent on your sense of adventure, where you want to go, and what you’d like to experience. Transport options range from a popular public bus service to jeeps, scooters, quad bikes, and road and water taxis.

Bus-tling about

The more popular beaches on the Eastern side of the Island are easily accessible by bus. The local bus service is cheap and reliable and runs at regular intervals. It stops at various beaches, shops and hotels from Skiathos Town in the north to Koukanaris Beach on the southern tip.

Self drive by car, scooter, quad bike

There are also numerous dirt roads weaving through the island. Tackling the terrain on foot, unless you’re an avid hiker, might be a bit of a stretch. You might want to hire a little Suzuki jeep, a quad bike or scooter. These are available for rental in various parts of the island but most hire places are situated in the town itself. Take your time to shop around for the best deal. Full international driver’s license (and sometimes passport too) is required.

Road and water taxis

There’s no shortage of on road taxis. Most first time visitors arrange an airport transfer in advance but, in all likelihood, you’ll find a host of taxi drivers as you exit the airport terminus. Do agree on a fare before you set off and don’t be afraid to share cabs if you’re on a limited budget. Your taxi driver will ask your permission or if you’re joining another traveller/travel group, will ask theirs. Water taxis generally leave the harbour area (Skiathos Town) every half hour or so en route to various popular island beaches and hotels.

Putting yourself at the helm

You can also hire your own boat, from a couple of the beach marinas. Boat size and where you’re able to go is dependent on the type of skipper’s license you have. If you don’t have a skipper’s license you can still hire a zesty little boat, scoot up and down the eastern side of the island, and do some small island hopping.