Easy Island Hopping from Skiathos to Skopelos

Island hopping is an essential part of the Greek experience. Visitors to Skiathos, the most cosmopolitan of the Northern Sporades islands, is ideally situated for hopping over to and exploring neighbouring Skopelos, in a half or full day. The name, Skopelos, means “cliff”, “rocky” or “reef” and, as you come sailing around the last island headland and enter the u-shaped port, you’ll see why. The centuries-old town of Skopelos rises up sharply from the sea and has the characteristic Greek island whitewashed houses, blue-framed windows and doors.

What to see and do

In spite of its quiet reputation, Skopelos has beaches (not as many as Skiathos though), museums, and the National Marine Park, which is the largest conservation area in Europe. It also has more than a hundred churches and monasteries, quiet extraordinary for a relatively small island. Restaurants and shops line the waterfront and there are ATMs.

Wander through Skopelos town by foot, moped or donkey. No cars are allowed. This is largely owing to the face that the old cobbled lanes are too small, quaintly so, which adds to the special ambience of the town. That said, road infrastructure does allow for car travel to and from other parts of the island.

Famous movie location

Most of the scenes for the hit movie, Mama Mia, were shot on Skopelos and Skiathos under the auspices of a fictional island called Kalokairi. Cast and crew stayed on Skopelos for a time, and some of the locals were extras in the movie. In fact, if you are an ardent Mama Mia fan, you might get a few pointers from the locals as to the spots frequented by some of your favourite characters (actors).

Getting there

There are various options for getting from Skiathos to Skopelos. All are by sea.

Flying Cat: Euro 16.50 (one way), Euro 33.00 (return)
Ferry: Economy Euro 9.50 (one way), Euro 19.00 (return); upper deck Euro 12.50 (one way), Euro 25 (return)
Day trip boats: With a guide approximately Euro 25.00 (return)
Boat charter: Depends on the number of people in your group and the time of year*

If you select the day trip option be sure to book the Agios Nikolaos and select a trip that includes Victoria Sandels (link to Victoria’s “Skiathos Traveller” site) as your guide. If going by ferry or the Flying Cat you are left to do your own thing. Whatever your preferred mode of getting there, do some research to familiarise yourself with Skopelos before leaving Skiathos. Get a map from the information cubicle on arrival in the port. On your walkabout look out for the toilets on balconies and be sure to try the famous tiropita, a large phyllo pastry stuffed with a deep fried spiral of cheese.

*Prices correct at time of publication.